PATHETIC: Little Mouse Man Francois-Philippe Champagne Refuses To Warn Canadians About Risk Of Being Kidnapped In China

His refusal to act will put Canadians in even more danger.

Last week, I wrote that the Canadian government must warn all Canadians to immediately leave China, following the Meng Wanzhou ruling.

China had repeatedly threatened to retaliate if the ruling went against their wishes, and we have clearly seen that retaliation previously take the form of kidnapping innocent Canadian Citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Yet, rather than issue a clear warning, weak little mouse man Francois-Philippe Champagne is refusing to take that obvious step:

“Is Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister @FP_Champagne going to warn Canadians in China that there’s a risk of further escalation, especially given the retaliation China took previously wherein Spavor and Kovrig were, and remain, detained?”

Champagne refused to say he would give a warning, while once again pushing for ‘engagement’ with China, the same pathetically weak attitude that puts Canadians at such risk by giving China impunity to mistreat our People.

As journalist Alan Fryer said on Twitter, “China will eat this guy for lunch.”

The ongoing refusal to issue a clear warning, and the ongoing effort by little mouse man Champagne and the Trudeau government is the kind of weakness that will further embolden China’s ruthless totalitarian cabal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Donald O'Kane

It looks as though these pathetic, weak Liberals are intentionally putting Canadians at risk. Shown by the handling of the China virus to now, not cautioning Canadians of the perils of staying in or travelling to China. China is NOT our friend and is constantly threatening us. Cut all ties with China and do not allow 5G or Huawei into our infrastructure and don’t allow China to buy any of our companies, minerals and energy! China is a predator nation and CANNOT be tolerated.


Oh please, if Canadians are so stupid as to be in China, let China have them. I just am hoping that they are from our weak lawless puppet government, then they can all wring their hands and send more money to China, before we forget about them also.

alan skelhorne

remember one thing about these quebecers. trudeau has always said, that quebecers are smarter than all of canada. if you think i am joking, google it up.

Natalie Hladun

How utterly stupid, the world is in turmoil, and there are those that are going to go to China? We need the Government to tell us that it’s not safe – ridiculous.