WATCH: Antifa Owned By Prius

What exactly do they think they’re accomplishing by standing in front of a car?

For some reason, people are looting and causing chaos in Canada in response to events in the United States, even as real protesters in the US denounce the actions of Antifa infiltrators.

In a recent video circulating online, some Antifa rioters attempted to stop a Toyota Prius, and failed.

You can watch the video below:

“Antifa kids from wealthy families are trying to start a riot in Vancouver, BC and failing miserably.”

What are these people thinking?

What do they think they will accomplish by standing in front of a car?

And, given the horrific violence we’ve seen protesters do to people pulled out of cars, nobody can blame the driver for protecting themselves and continuing to drive on through:

“If people in a car are surrounded by angry rioters, the people in the car have every right to fear for their life and drive on through to protect themselves. Nobody should be surprised if people get run over in that situation.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Garlet Farlett

This being Canada, I’m sure the police are looking for the cars owner to charge them with something.

Ron Shaw

Best to back up over them and make sure they stay down , as for protecting your place of business or your home , I suggest an AK47 with extended clips to ensure they get our point across , vandalism and antifa will not be tolerated .