COMMENTARY: It’s Time For The Left To Stop Babying Minorities & Start Treating Everyone As Capable, Complex Individuals

By relentlessly focusing on ‘privilege,’ the left is subtly reinforcing a dominance narrative in which minorities are treated as naive victim groups, rather than fully-formed, unique individuals.

One of the key issues with some on the left is that they are often unable to realize when they are reinforcing the same broken system they claim to oppose.

For example, the left is increasingly enforcing a system of dominance over minority groups, all under the guise of ‘acknowledging privilege’ and being an ‘ally.’

In many ways, the left subtly denies the idea of full humanity for minorities, by treating them as groups needing to be coddled and ‘protected,’ rather than simply freed to live under equal laws.

Consider the fact that racism is found among all groups. Many minority groups dislike other minority groups, and people of all races are capable of racism. In some cases, ethnic fights in other countries end up being brought here, with much of the same prejudice between various groups leading to disputes and tension.

Yet, you would never hear that from the left, who seem to refuse to acknowledge the complexity of minorities. For example, the left will repeatedly talk about racism among white people, yet seems to assume that other races are incapable of racism.

Denying the complexity of minorities is a way of subtly putting people in a lesser category, where the leftist ally ‘saviours’ need to come in and save the day.

By contrast, true equality means recognizing that there are both good people and racist people of all races, and that treating everyone as a unique individual is the true path to a society in which we can all be acknowledged and judged for our actions and decisions, rather than our race.

Spencer Fernando


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