As Liberal Government Orders 37 Million Syringes, Will They Force Canadians To Take A Chinese Military-Made Vaccine?

How can Canadians have any trust in something made by China’s military, given all of China’s lies and threats?

With the Trudeau Government ordering 37 MILLION syringes in preparation for mass vaccination, the question many Canadians have is this:

Will the Trudeau government force us all to take a vaccine made by China’s military?

As we know, the Trudeau government decided to make Canada the ONLY country in the world that co-operated with an arm of the Chinese Communist Military on a vaccine.

As a result, it is possible that the vaccine distributed in Canada will be made by a the military of a hostile foreign power.

With that insanity in mind, how could the government possibly justify forcing us to take it?

It’s crazy.

Why should Canadians be expected to trust China’s military, at the same time as that ruthless nation threatens us?

Further, what about the fact that they may force a China-made vaccine on us, while withholding stockpiled doses of medication?

“.@JustinTrudeau @PattyHajdu @CPHO_Canada @AnitaOakville pre-ordered 37M #SARSCoV2 vaccines. Tax$ will go to which #BigPharma? Safety & efficacy of these rushed vaccines NOT known. Why is #COVID19 vaccine needed? Why is Flag of Canada govt not releasing 7M+ stockpiled HCQ doses to save lives?”

These are dangerous and disturbing times, and all Canadians should be angry and enraged that the government may force us to take a vaccine made by the ruthless Chinese Communist State.

Spencer Fernando


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