HYPOCRISY: After Saying ‘Stay Home, Save Lives,’ And Shutting Parliament, Trudeau Attends Packed Protest Without Social Distancing

What a joke.

Thousands of people died alone.

Millions of Canadians lost their jobs. 

Countless business are gone forever.

We were told this was all worth it.

We were told, “stay home, save lives.”

We were told to avoid funerals for our loved ones.

We were told we would be fined and punished if we didn’t.

We are told it was too dangerous for politicians to show up in Parliament in large numbers.

We were told anyone who went out and gathered was “killing the elderly.”

All of this, we were told, was for “our own good.”

And now, we see this:

Justin Trudeau, standing in a crowd full of people, packed in next to eachother, with no social distancing whatsoever.

Turns out, “stay home, save lives” only applied to some.

It only applied to people the government didn’t like, or causes they didn’t approve of.

Apparently, the ‘science’ has changed yet again.

This is a disgrace.

How the hell can anyone be expected to believe the politicians and the ‘experts’ ever again, when we see the depth of their hypocrisy, lies, and double-standards?

Think of all the people who died alone, all the sadness and the loss and the inability to mourn, only for their family members to see Trudeau violating all the ironclad rules.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Laws are something for Liberals to ignore or that get in their way. These politicians can be at a protest or out paddling then they can damn well be at work.
Protests and riots are approved, so ignore the demands by Government Health Care fearmongers. Get out and do what you need to do.

old white guy

Hypocrisy, it is beyond hypocrisy. I see Ford has now extended this state of emergency to June 19th. This has to be stopped and now. People have to stand up and say enough is enough. There is no reason for the continued insanity.

Donald O'Kane

This lockdown has been a total sham from the beginning. How many lives have been lost to the china flu for real? How many of these deaths were from other causes than the flu. Influenza has caused many deaths each year and never caused a world wide lock down in the past. This is just the elites wanting to control everyones lives and kill the world wide economys.This is the UN, WHO and leftist elites wanting control at the expense of all citizens finances. These views are mine and I know many other people feel the same as I do.… Read more »


Another idiotic moment brought to you by the idiot Trudeau. Just whem you think he’s reached the summit of his stupidity, it becomes apparent that he isn’t there yet.


The laws are for thee, but not for me!


It’s good to be the King, eh?