WATCH: Spencer Fernando Rips Disgraceful Politicians & ‘Experts’ For Lockdown Hypocrisy

The rule were ‘ironclad’ and unchallengable. Until they weren’t.

In recent days and hours, we have witnessed a level of hypocrisy from our ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’ that truly boggles the mind.

After months of saying lockdowns were essential, that violators would be punished, and that it was necessary to lock it all down to ‘save lives,’ politicians like Justin Trudeau and supposed ‘health experts’ are violating all of their rules to promote and even attend protests that are seen as ‘politically correct.’

In a recent video, I slammed this hypocrisy. And with many thousands of views, it’s a message that is clearly resonating with Canadians.

You can watch the video below:

Facebook link included in case you have trouble with Twitter link:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook


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