Pushing A Divisive Racial Guilt Narrative Is A Disastrous Mistake. We Need Optimism, Unity, & Patriotism Instead

Dividing people by their race and encouraging some to ‘bow down’ will only fuel further division at a time when we need to be unified more than ever.

Watching the recent protests and rallies, it’s essential to note that even when there is a crowd of thousands, there are far more people either at home or working instead.

The voices of those at home or at work are not often heard, but those voices are important too.

And many people are surely watching these events and (aside from the rampant hypocrisy of politicians abandoning social distancing) seeing some pretty crazy displays of prostration, submission, and shame.

Indeed, much of this ‘movement’ seems to be based on shaming, including shaming white people with guilt-by-association, encouraging people to ‘bow down,’ and insulting any minority who refuses to accept the victimization narrative.

Yet, this is counterproductive, and is doomed to fail.

While pushing a guilt and shame based narrative can scare some people into submission temporarily, it will create further division, resentment, and anger in the long-term.

People who are good, decent, hardworking people, people who never mistreated anybody, are now being slammed as racists with zero evidence. Indeed, many of the radical activists are now pushing a collective punishment style of thinking, holding every white person ‘accountable’ for the actions of a few people and for injustice in the past.

Meanwhile, members of minority groups who refuse to go along with the shaming of an entire race of people, or who push for unity and seeing beyond race, are getting slammed by those same radical activists.

As we can imagine, this will only deepen divides at a time when unity is so essential.

A big part of the problem is that the left has been undermining the idea of inclusive Patriotism for years, casting all Western nations as evil and a product only of oppression.

By ignoring the amazing accomplishments of nations like Canada, including our willingness to fight for freedom, include a wide range of people in the broader Canadian family, and respect the rights and freedoms of the individual, the radicals are undermining the key source of unity that can keep a diverse nation together.

To bring people from various backgrounds into a unifying group that works, it is essential to emphasize common values, to share a sense of pride in our history, and to chart an optimistic vision of the future where all of us, together as Citizens, can achieve our dreams.

An optimistic vision, based on Patriotism and Unity and where our status as Canadian Citizens is what matters most is what we need at this divisive moment. If we allow the radicals to make this all about race, and if we allow a guilt-ridden, divisive, race-based agenda to be pushed, then our potential as a nation will be undermined and squandered.

Spencer Fernando


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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You write: “Pushing A Divisive Racial Guilt Narrative Is A Disastrous Mistake.”I say: it’s only a mistake if you want Canada to continue. If you want to destroy the West, it’s a great move. See what something does. Most of the time the intent is clear. I’d say the intent is pretty damn clear. I care about the West, human rights and freedoms.
I do not assume that others have the same concerns as I do.

Guy-Paul Roy

But of Course!!


There are rumblings of some police individuals hesitating or finding some excuse not to go on calls to Black or Islamic communities because of fear of being charged with racism.

Andre Tremblay

Bloody Well Said.

Elizabeth Moorhouse

You summed it up in 2017, Spencer. Your article “Global Elites Fear Confident Citizens” They look for any ideology to latch onto!! Now, it’s “BLM” Mind blowing, simply amazing, how quickly mobs can be led!! Think for yourself! It’s the only salvation!! God Bless

Jim Montag

I believe Official Multiculturalism has done more to divide Canada then it has to unite Canada.