CBC Cancels Wendy Mesley For Saying “A Word”

The footsoldiers of the cultural revolution don’t care if you’ve devoted your life to ‘wokeness.’ It’s never enough.

Wendy Mesley has been cancelled.

After decades of work at the CBC, widely seen as a progressive voice in the country and a totally politically-correct person, Mesley made one ‘mistake,’ so she’s done.

She has been removed from her position as host of CBC’s The Weekly for saying “a word,” though both she and CBC are refusing to say what that “word” was, though we can probably guess what it is.

Here’s what Mesley said on Twitter following the news of her removal breaking:

Wendy Mesley Note

Clearly, the insanity of the outrage mob knows no limits. Even a lifetime of work at super-woke CBC isn’t enough.

One mistake, and you’re done:

“The lesson from all of this. Never apologize. Never give in. No apology is ever enough for the outrage mob. They don’t want apologies. They don’t want people to grow. They don’t want people to change. They just want to destroy lives.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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