CBC Cancels Wendy Mesley For Saying “A Word”

The footsoldiers of the cultural revolution don’t care if you’ve devoted your life to ‘wokeness.’ It’s never enough.

Wendy Mesley has been cancelled.

After decades of work at the CBC, widely seen as a progressive voice in the country and a totally politically-correct person, Mesley made one ‘mistake,’ so she’s done.

She has been removed from her position as host of CBC’s The Weekly for saying “a word,” though both she and CBC are refusing to say what that “word” was, though we can probably guess what it is.

Here’s what Mesley said on Twitter following the news of her removal breaking:

Wendy Mesley Note

Clearly, the insanity of the outrage mob knows no limits. Even a lifetime of work at super-woke CBC isn’t enough.

One mistake, and you’re done:

“The lesson from all of this. Never apologize. Never give in. No apology is ever enough for the outrage mob. They don’t want apologies. They don’t want people to grow. They don’t want people to change. They just want to destroy lives.”


Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

When a person can lose their job by uttering a ‘word’…….tell me we don’t live in a police state….…..


Say hi to Don Cherry for me! Seeya!

Wendy Lush

She can say Hi to her ex Peter Mansbridge as well, also guilty of being too old, too white and too male.


Do you know who reads the National news at CBC-TV and CTV?,

Moe S.

And another one bites the dust because “this is a word no-one like me should ever use.” No-one like me as in a white privileged woman? Poor Wendy, made to bow at the alter of forgiveness for her white privilege “mistake” and a boot to the curb. Next!


the woke left are very quick to eat there own. Wendy is not the first, nor will she be the last one to fall to the SJW,s

Donald O'Kane

These leftists are getting way out of hand. Stand up to all of these fascists Canada. We have a government that won’t stand up to this BS. As a matter of fact they applaud these radical actions. Time to defundall the mainstream media outlets and interest groups. I am sick and tired of being accused of something I am not nor ever has been. I’m sure there are many others in this Country that feel the same. I am totally ashamed and angry with our ruling government since they are the ones pushing these arrogant issues upon us.

Thomas Tass

When the mob comes to get you tomorrow remember that when they took out your neighbor you stayed woke and did not give a damn. The mob will not treat you well. The fascists, despots and dictators residing in hell are celebrating today.


Every totalitarian regime operates by the same playbook and always with the same outcome. The soft hand, then the iron fist inside the velvet glove and finally the gloves are off and the brass knuckles revealed. When power is gained, always – always! – the first people to be purged are the moderates. Totalitarianism forbids any competing alternative. The supporters of the revolution are now enemies of the state and the reign of terror begins in earnest. “You can vote yourself into socialism but you have to shoot your way out.”

Michael John Paal

So what was the word ? Can I guess maybe she said” useless” as describing every living liberal worthless walking bag of crap with out the common sense of a sack of hammers .

Beverley Campbell

You I completely adore, well said in a few words that we have all been thinking.


After watching how Wendy Mesley treated Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer in interviews and how Liberal Biased they were, I definitely believe in Karma. She got what she deserved!

Mark Gallicano

and jordan peterson

Wendy Lush

Something’s going on in society
You chew your fingers
And stare at the floor
One wrong word
And you’re out of sync
Talking ’bout a hands on policy

-David Bowie, Dancing with the Big Boys (1984)

Paul Cook

Society sure is becoming overly sensitive. Be careful what you wish for. The next generation of youth are going to be a bunch of whinners.

Mike Kean

Shhhh, never say the word “Accountable” in Leftist CBC land, you’ll be out on your can just like Wendy.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of her.

Beverley Campbell

Wendy Mesley is a National Treasure, Lord knows we have few enough of those these trying days, the CBC has lost its lustre and even then they cannot see it. I do not listen to any Canadian News anymore as it is so bland and boring and out of date and following such a script, if I want news I tune in the Washington State News and there I get to see what is ACTUALLY GOING ON, not just what CBC has been paid by a nincompoop to tell me that is what is going on, Wendy Mesley, you are… Read more »

ken dias

A national treasure? Joking?


It used to be you had to have sexual assault allegations to get fired from the CBC (Ghomeshi). Now saying a bad word when QUOTING ANOTHER JOURNALIST in private can get you axed. Times have changed!


We are all learning a valuable lesson, especially Trudeau, give people an inch and they take a mile.