Canadians Can’t Trust Francois Philippe-Champagne

His weakness towards China was already an appalling disgrace. Now, the revelation that he owes $1.2 Million to the Bank of China eliminates any possibility he can do the job. We can’t trust him.

With the GLobe & Mail having reported that Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne owes $1.2 million to China through to mortgages held by the Bank of China, it is now clear that Champagne has a direct point of vulnerability when it comes to dealing with China.

As John Ivison notes, “Margaret McCuaig Johnston, a senior fellow at the China Institute at the University of Alberta was a senior bureaucrat in Ottawa for 37 years. She said she doesn’t recall anything as egregious as this case in her time. “It is inconceivable that this is not at the back of his mind as he deals with the government of China, his most difficult file,” she said.”

Simply put, owing money to China makes someone vulnerable to China. It’s obvious. And worse, China is far more likely than other countries to use that vulnerability.

For example, a mortgage held by a bank in the U.S. or another democratic nation wouldn’t be the same, because those countries have a clear separation of powers.

But in China, the ruthless Communist Party controls it all.

So, while supposedly negotiation for Canada, Champagne may be thinking more about avoiding upsetting China.

And his actions, from the refusal to even say Taiwan after they donated tons of personal protective equipment to us, and his complete weakness towards the Communist State shows that he cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of our nation.

In normal times, Champagne would already have been fired. But with Trudeau and his obsession with pandering to China still in control of the federal government, Champagne is likely to try and avoid any accountability for this disturbing situation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Tod Coulson

And This suprises Whom???


He should either Resign ASAP or get Fired ASAP.

Eric Blair

Why a mortgage with a Chinese bank? What about our banks or other Canadian mortagage sources? Maybe he got a really low interest rate but… there were expectations, a sort of quid pro quo.

Django Foo

Perhaps he tried Canadian banks and was refused.


Seems the common denominator in ethical bankruptcy and moral climate toxicity is french