DISGRACE: By Shutting Down Parliament, The Trudeau Liberals Are Blocking Support To Canadians In Desperate Need

The Liberals are putting their own lust for power ahead of the needs of Canadians amid horrendous economic conditions.

When the Liberals shut down Parliament, they were clearly trying to avoid accountability, effectively trying to give themselves total power and the strength of a majority government, despite having been denied a majority by Canadians.

The NDP aided and abetted those moves by giving the Liberals the votes to shut down Parliament.

Yet now, after shutting Parliament down, the Liberals are complaining that they can’t pass legislation through Parliament.

Yes, it’s insanity.

The Liberals claim that some Canadians need more support – particularly disabled Canadians – amid horrendous economic numbers.

Yet, the Conservatives have been talking about that for weeks, and the Liberals did nothing.

When Parliament was open, the Liberals refused to act, letting many disabled Canadians fall through the cracks.

Then, the Liberals shut Parliament without passing legislation.

This means the Liberals are blocking support to Canadians in need, putting their lust for power ahead of the needs of our fellow Canadian Citizens.

Of course, the Liberals refuse to accept responsibility, instead blaming the Opposition.

But we know that is total BS.

The Liberals are solely to blame for blocking support to Canadians in need, and Canadians are appalled by the disgraceful hypocrisy of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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