Elizabeth May Demonizes Entire RCMP As ‘Racist’

She says the whole thing is racist, showing a total disregard for the facts.

We remember watching the refusal of the RCMP – based on clear pressure from the politicians – to enforce laws against the illegal blockades.

If anything, it appears the RCMP was so worried about political correctness and avoiding any incidents that they allowed illegal blockades to go on and on and one.

Yet, despite watching all of that, Elizabeth May is slamming the entire RCMP as racist, in effect demonizing and insulting every RCMP officer in the country:

This is gross.

While any police force will have individuals who violate the rules, the vast majority of RCMP officers are obviously not racist.

Our laws are also already such that discriminating by race is illegal, meaning there is no ‘systemic’ legal racism, only individual acts of prejudice.

May is ignoring all of this, in effect demonizing people who wake up everyday willing to put themselves on the line to keep our streets and communities safe.

May shows once again that, rather than actually being a leader, she is simply a radical far-left activist who panders to every politically correct cause while throwing true leaders and true community servants under the bus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Elizabeth May was once described to me by a journalist who had just interviewed her as “the looniest person in public life she had ever met” and Ms. May has nothing to dispel this description ever.

Guy-Paul Roy

It is seldom one bad apple. Never the whole crate.

richard taylor

Eizabeth has always been a bit of a Wacko,nobody listens to her outside of her fellow Wackos

J.J. Moore

I truly can’t help but wonder if she’s related to Theresa May, or Mayhem as the Brits called her. Cut from the same rag of cloth apparently


The word “repugnant” comes to mind. She should resign before her entire party is destroyed.

Richard Courtemanche

As a loonie, she still manages to entertain the public somehow which doesn’t say much about Canadian intellect.


Elizabeth May is well past her due date. Why is she still receiving any press coverage at all. She’s a head case.

M Lee

I feel sorry for her, she is so out of touch it’s embarrassing. I would have thought somebody in the green party would just take her aside and help her sit down, some one to treat her with dignity so she can try to keep hers.


The last time I checked the RCMP is made up of a diverse population of ethnic Canadians so is Elizabeth May profiling and she means white RCMP officers are racist. Why is she being protected on Parliament hill by these same officers that she so despises as well our Prime Minister is surrounded by RCMP and he claims the same thing. If there should be an attack they will be expecting these officers to save them. Unbelievable

James Smith

I wonder if Justine realizes that the same RCMP that he calls racist are the same people that keep him safe?