After Criticism For Spreading Short Video Clip, CTV News Exec Deletes Tweet & Network Shares Full Video

It’s essential to provide the full video to the Canadian People, and let the People decide.

Early Friday morning, I wrote about how CTV News was sharing a shortened clip of the controversial interaction between Chief Allan Adam and the RCMP.

As I noted, very few people watching the video are defending the actions of the second police officer, who tackles Adam and then punches him in the face, leaving Chief Adam bleeding.

However, the short clip shared by CTV News – including by CTV News Executive Producer Rosa Hwang and Evan Solomon, gave the mistaken impression that the takedown occurred a mere 4 seconds after Chief Adam exited his truck.

That obscured the context of the full video, which reveals that the takedown occurred 7 minutes after the interaction started. Additionally, the full video shows Chief Adam acting in a somewhat belligerent manner towards the police, which again provides a very different context to the overall situation.

By sharing the shortened clip, members of the media were showing total disrespect for their audience. Especially in such a divisive time, when tensions are rising on the issue of the police, sharing a shortened clip that obscures the full context is a move designed to inflame tensions and generate more rage.

Shortly after I directly Tweeted about Hwang’s Tweet and wrote an article criticizing the media for sharing a shortened clip, it seems CTV realized their error.

Hwang deleted a Tweet, and posted a link to CTV’s Chief News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme sharing the full video:

“I deleted the previous tweet to this thread because it did not link to the full video as some asked for. So, here it is. Runs just under 12 minutes. #RCMP”

“Here is the entire RCMP dash-cam footage of Chief Allan Adam confrontation.”

This is the Tweet Hwang deleted:

Rosa Hwang Tweet

It’s good that CTV made this clarification, and it’s in large part because of people like us – Truth Tellers – who pushed back against a manipulative media narrative.

Notably, CTV made those clarifications around 2:00 am, a time when they usually aren’t Tweeting. This means they were noticing the criticism and realized a big mistake was made.

This isn’t about defending everything the police do. The police wield immense power, and that power must come with an equal amount of responsibility and accountability.

But that accountability can’t be effective if the media is trying to stoke anger by releasing partial clips of police interactions.

We need to trust the wisdom of the Canadian People and let the People decide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Donald O'Kane

Thank you for sharing the whole story Spencer. Chief Allan Adam was being very beligerant and threatend the first RCMP officer on many occasions. I think the first officer showed great restraint, the second officer was a little over zealous in his reaction. You have to remember the police have to deal with people like Chief Allan Adam all the time and are just trying to keep the peace and also have to protect themselves and other officers. I thought it was going to be a lot uglier than it was. The Chief deserved everything he got on the altercation.… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Personally I would NOT tell the Cops to fuck-off if I had expired Tags. However we must decide if a Beating of a Humans head is worth being told to Fuck-Off when you have expired Plates. I am sure this opinion will vary with all of us varied Humans. Seems the Sumerians had the same problems 6 thousand years ago. Some Humans say SHUMERIANS. Tomato/Tomato.


It’s obvious that this whole incident was caused by the Chief – all he had to do was take the ticket for the expired plates and go about his business and none of this would have happened. On the other side there was no reason for the officer to come charging in and take him down and punch him – the other gent seemed to have it handled and the officer that charged in – all he had to do was to stand there in front of the Chief and assist in cuffing him if it was deemed necessary –… Read more »


U tube has take n down the video , what else in new ! They never want the truth to get out . Good will win in the end .


The bought & paid media should start telling the truth & the full story, not what they want ppl to see. The media can manipulate the truth & this is proof of what they do. ALL media needs to be held accountable for their lies & manipulation.

Major Tom

Adopting a fighting stance is more than a ‘somewhat belligerent manner……”


They were trying to stir up racist rioting so they would have something more than the rotting leftist regime.