Establishment Media Shares Shortened Clip Of Chief Allan Adam Arrest In Attempt To Generate Rage & Divide Canadians

UPDATE: Following my criticism of CTV for sharing the shortened clip rather than the full context, CTV News Executive Producer Rosa Hwang deleted a Tweet and CTV’s Chief News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme shared the full video. You can read more about it here.

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It appears the Canadian establishment press is desperate to generate further division among the Canadian People in the pursuit of further attention and profit.

The arrest of Chief Allan Adam has gone viral, with some considering it evidence of excessive use of force by police.

This comes at at time when the relationship between the police and the broader citizenry has received renewed scrutiny following the death of George Floyd in the United States, who had the life choked out of him by police officer Derek Chauvin.

However, the Canadian establishment media seems so desperate to generate attention and controversy that they are sharing a shortened version of the clip that appears deliberately calculated to create maximum anger.

Here’s what the Executive Producer of CTV National News Rosa Hwang Tweeted:

“BREAKING NEWS: Dash-cam footage obtained by CTV News shows Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam getting tackled by Wood Buffalo RCMP officers, then punched in the head and put in a choke-hold. #cdnpoli #RCMP”

Here’s another Tweet (Hwang deleted the Tweet but a screenshot can be viewed below):

Rosa Hwang Tweet

“Should clarify, Chief Allan Adam’s lawyer petitioned to get the RCMP dash-cam video released. Runs just under 12 minutes. Chief Adam was tackled without warning 4 seconds after he got out of the truck.”

Hwang says “Chief Adam was tackled without warning 4 seconds after he got out of the truck.”

Evan Solomon also Tweeted the short clip:

Seems self-explanatory right?

Totally unacceptable for that to have happened right, with ‘no warning’ and just ‘4 seconds’ after getting out of the truck.

There’s just one problem.

The full 12 minute clip tells a completely different story than what Hwang and Solomon shared.

Here’s the full video:

Now, this isn’t to say there may have been excessive force used here. Many people watching the full video still feel the punch was unnecessary.

However, this is a very different conversation than that edited, shortened clip. Because, it turns out the thing that supposedly happened “4 seconds” in, actually took place about 7 Minutes in.

Why would much of the media – particularly CTV News – have pushed that clip instead of the broader context?

Why was that what they led with?


To create rage, generate controversy, inflame division among the Canadian People, and attempt to manipulate emotions.

And why would they do this?

Because the more controversy and anger they can generate, the more stories they’ll have to cover, and the more they could profit.

Trish Nuttal on Twitter summed things up well:

“I saw this little clip and was WTF watched the whole 12 minute video and it gave a whole different perspective. This little clip to get people angry and is working especially with what happened in the US. The whole video does not fit the narrative they want”

This attempt by much of the establishment press to manipulate Canadians is disgraceful and even dangerous, especially given the fact that we have already seen large protests here in Canada (a small subset of which turned into looting), and given that the combination of lockdowns and the economic collapse has millions of people already stressed and on edge.

The media is playing with fire, and our country could end up getting burned.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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It also shows him resisting arrest before he was punched.

wayne Limpert

It would appear that he got what he deserved for not being civil.


The police have a very hard job, having worked in a emergency ward at a hospital, where staff or equipment were assaulted at times etc. needing protection we would call the police and they thankfully responded – I have seen the police be very professional at peacefully stopping violence but they sometimes have no choice, but very very few police go overboard, and most all of us in the public could not do this very dangerous stressful work, dealing with this hate from bad deed doers egging them on and worse. So would we rather have the police just leave… Read more »


If this out of control man had stayed in his truck, and accepted his ticket, he would not of been arrested, unless he had other charges against him too. This is not racism, anyone pulling the same stunts would have ended up being arrested and if resisting arrest and being totally abusive to police just doing their hard job as professionally as possible.

Douglas Robilliard

What else do we expect from paid for media drool. the black face blunder boy wants more hate and division to get it’s agenda pushed further and further and further! Treason and Genocide Charges is what’s required here!


I don’t get the need to tackle him and take him down – and punch him – that is the part that is turning the people against law enforcement – they have plenty of manpower and there is no need for that – just let him run his mouth and act out and you will see the real side of him and that’s what people need to see.


Why did the police let things escalate? All they had to do was issue a ticket for expired plates and be on their way.


That appears to be what they were doing at the beginning of the video – “Please return to your car, sir” – but the Chief decided to become combative instead of being quickly on his way.


They didn’t they did everything they could to deal with it. Only a tool would think otherwise after watching the full video


Not sure why unless they did not want him to drive for some reason…suspected impairment… previous warnings and ticket? Maybe not. It is impossible to presume one way or the other.


His licence plate had been expired for two months. Apparently, in Alberta, that also means that the vehicle is unensured – therefore it is illegal to drive on public roads.

Sanford Thompson

We have a system becoming systemically racialized, how can you tell you may ask.
If this were a young white man acting aggressively and got clobbered by the cops we would all laugh at him and wonder if he had learned anything.