HUH? Charles Adler Absurdly Insinuates Erin O’Toole Wants To Take Back Canada From “Non-Whites”

What the hell is Adler talking about?

There have been many criticisms and accusations thrown back and forth during the Conservative leadership race.

But the most absurd, and quite frankly unhinged accusation appears to have been made by Charles Adler.

Adler insinuated that Erin O’Toole wants to take Canada back from “non-whites”:

“Don’t know who O’Toole wants to take back Canada from. Do know who Pat Buchanan, Donald Trump & David Duke were referencing when using “taking the country back.” They were talking about non whites. Question: Is this the best time for Cdn #Conservatives to play with matches?”

First of all, to put Trump and Buchanan in the same category as David Duke – a former KKK leader – is crazy.

Second, it’s even crazier to insinuate that O’Toole is talking about “non-whites,” rather than talking about Trudeau and the corrupt elites.

In fact, even watching a few seconds of the video makes it clear that O’Toole is talking about Trudeau.

By throwing out such an unhinged and unwarranted accusation, Adler is adding to the divisive atmosphere in the country and insulting the intelligence of Canadians.

People are slamming Adler for the crazy claim, as you can see in the Tweets below.

“Don’t know who O’Toole wants to take back Canada from.” The Liberal Party?
I appreciate your concerns looking southward, Charles, but he’s running for the Conservative leadership & hopes to take Justin Trudeau’s job, here in Canada.”

“wow @charlesadler that is a ridiculous stretch. I would take that to mean taking it back from the likes of Gerald Butts and his team that want to ruin the economy but whatever…Could you possibly be developing Stockholm syndrome since moving to BC? You used to be so sensible”

“That’s pretty low Charles. Like a lot of Canadians he wants to take it back from a Socialist who wants to run the country without even allowing Parliamentary oversite. Shame on you for the race baiting.”

“Nah… reaching here, Chuck. He’s taking it back from a racist, blackface wearing PM and his apologist circle. Take his words for what they are. @ErinOTooleMP has not given us reasons to think there is another meaning here…”

“He means take it back from the Liberals and you know it.”

“Wow, Chuck. That is quite the spin job. You are the one making it about race!”

“Take back from alt-left virtue signaling, incompetent, corrupt, dictorial, industry killing, international relations destroying/embarrassment, incompetence, carbon tax robbery and infinitely arrogant nation dividers.

That’s what I get out of that. Have you been asleep 6 yrs?”

“I work long hours serving my community. I pay lots in taxes.
I hope O’Toole will take back Canada from the socialist, hate mongering progressives.”

Clearly, very few people are buying Adler’s spin on this, and realize that his absurd claims are total BS.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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