The National Post Is Surrendering To Far-Left Radicals As ‘Conservative’ Paper Moves Towards Betraying Their Readers

As they move to throw Rex Murphy under the bus, they’re betraying their readers and proving that they are no longer a voice for Canadian Conservatives.

The National Post is supposedly a Conservative newspaper.

Yet, when they’re actually being tested by the woke mob, they’re reacting like any radical far-left media outlet.

A while back, Rex Murphy wrote an opinion piece titled “Canada is not a racist country, despite what the Liberals say.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Most Canadians, the vast majority in fact, are horrified by racism and would never participate in it. We are in fact not a racist country, though to say so may shock some.

Do we not have welcoming immigration policies? Are our largest cities not a great montage of people from every corner of the world, of every colour and creed? Do we not, both in private and public, celebrate Canada’s multicultural nature? Do our schools not press the ideas of tolerance and acceptance toward all peoples and all faiths from kindergarten through high school? Is it not a doctrine of Canadian civic life that to end any trace of discrimination or racism is a cardinal rationale for the very existence of modern Canada.”

Rex Murphy is 100% correct here. Almost nobody – if they answered honestly as opposed to being cowed by fear of the outrage mob – would disagree with it.

And yet, Murphy’s reasonable common-sense column has now triggered a revolt within the National Post.

They’ve already put a disclaimer on it:

“This column by Rex Murphy provoked a strong reaction from readers. Upon review, it was determined that there was a failure in the normal editing oversight that columns should be subjected to. This issue has been identified and policies changed to prevent a repeat. We apologize for the failure. Please see these articles that offered a different perspective:”

Vice News obtained audio of an internal National Post session, where a bunch of reporters complained and where it was clear that Murphy is being thrown under the bus:

“Roberts and Matt Gurney, the Post’s opinion editor, explained to staff that Murphy’s column was published as a result of a miscommunication, where each thought the other was going to edit the piece, which had been discussed as a front-page option.

“Rob thought it was being edited in the comment section and I thought it was being edited in the news section. By the time either of us realized that neither he nor I had actually taken ownership of it to give it a proper editorial review, it had been copy edited and proofread and put online,” Gurney said, during the town hall. “It was a fuck up and I know that’s not a satisfying answer to all the people here and it certainly isn’t for me to offer.””

So, Murphy writes something that nearly all National Post readers – and all Canadians – would agree with, and after some far-left reporters complain the paper tries to pretend they ‘screwed up?’

What pathetic cowardice.

The National Post is clearly moving towards a total betrayal of their readers, and while it would be an absolute disgrace if they booted Murphy, it would make it clear that the National Post is no longer a voice for Conservatives or common-sense Canadians, and that sites like are among the last bastions of truth-telling in this dangerous and disturbing era.

Spencer Fernando

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