WATCH: Spencer Fernando On Why Canada Is NOT A Racist Country

While many politicians and the establishment media try to demonize our country and divide Canadians, we need to fight back and speak the truth.

After protests in the United States, many Canadian politicians have been all too willing to start demonizing Canada and claiming that Canadians are racist.

However, we know that the vast majority of Canadians are good people, and that our country is explicitly anti-racist.

That’s why it’s so important for truth tellers to fight back against the lies of the political class and media establishment.

In the video below, I discuss why Canada is NOT a racist country:

“Canada is NOT a racist country.

Politicians and the media are demonizing our country to try and divide us. We must stand against the false narratives and stand up for the truth!”

I also wrote more about this in my latest column for the National Citizens Coalition. You can read it here.

Spencer Fernando

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