China Kills 20 Indian Soldiers In Border Clash

Tensions are rising between the ruthless Communist State and the world’s largest Democracy.

20 Indian soldiers have been killed by China in a border clash in the disputed region of Kashmir.

It’s the worst border clash in nearly half a century, and comes amid China’s increasing aggression towards nearly every country.

Earlier, India had said there were 3 deaths, but many critically injured soldiers have since succumbed to their injuries.

Here’s what India said in a statement:

“A violent face-off happened as a result of an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there”.

According to some reports, the Chinese soldiers literally beat the Indian troops to death.

So far, China has not claimed any casualties on their side, however it is believed there were casualties on China’s side as well.

China has been increasingly threatening countries around the world, and seem determined to turn the entire world against them.

As a result, India has been seeking closer ties with the United States. A strong US-India alliance could be a game changer, bringing the world’s most powerful democracy and the world’s largest democracy together.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What’s wrong with people?

Gerri Page

This is what our brainless PM wants for Canada – total domination of communism with freedom and democracy out the door, yet fools will vote for him and then it will be too late for Canada.

Glen Davidson

This is nothing new with China and India, they were at war with each other back in the early 1960’s; Modi is the worst so called Democratic leader, and India is not much of a Democracy with military every where on the streets. Lately, Modi has been behaving like Netanyahu, claiming Kashmir as India, killing its Muslim residents, sparking Muslim hatred in his country, and starting a war with its two powerful neighbors, Pakistan and China. If this is the worlds large Democracy what a joke.

Guy-Paul Roy

India and China have been going at each other for 8,000 years. Maybe longer but writing was NOT available back before 8,000 years ago. Sooooo we just do NOT have records. Never challenge WORSE as things can get worse. Do any of Ya’All expect any thing other than this from China?