Despicable Misinformation: Bill Blair Lies To Canadians About AR-15

Blair – who should be the one with the facts – is instead spreading lies.

Liberal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair is spreading misinformation to Canadians.

Blair is lying about the AR-15, falsely claiming it has been involved in many Canadian mass shootings.

“The AR-15, and other weapons like it, have been used in mass killings in Canada including at École Polytechnique, Dawson College, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, Moncton, and against children at Sandy Hook in the U.S. These weapons have no place in our communities.”

His claim is simply a lie.

It appears Blair and the Liberals believe they can demonize gun owners and lie about guns in Canada.

As noted by MP Dane Lloyd, the government is now making decisions without any evidence, the opposite of what the Liberals claimed they would do:

“I’m glad @BillBlair is doing my offices job for me. He claims AR15 has been involved in so many mass shootings in Canada. The fact is that they have not. What happened to Government decisions based on evidence?”

Police Officer Rejeanne Caron slammed Blair’s lies:

“As a police officer I am embarrassed how @BillBlair outright lies to the Canadian public. It is no wonder there is distrust. Vote him out! We deserve better.”

Blair is lying to the Canadian People, spreading misinformation in an effort to trick people into supporting a Liberal gun grab policy that simply isn’t justified.

The Liberals have decided to take the path of deception, demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners to distract from the Liberal failure to reduce the rise of crime in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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The Trudeau Liberals are the most corrupt,.lying, and traitorous government we’ve ever elected in this country.WHEN will it end ?


I’m sure he’ll be elected again. Shows the intelligence level of Canadians, doesn’t it?

Guy-Paul Roy

Years ago when you Googled Blair, The list of indignities to Humanity, yet found baseless by the POLICE, gave 20 different Media Articles for you to read yourself. Now when you Google Blair it just says LIAR. Liberal Liar.


Canadians better get informed about morality and ethics and what these agenda lying politicians are really about, our media really needs to become truthful and information on all the politicians needs to be clearly written about before they are able to run to be a politician, no one is perfect but…

alan skelhorne

he is not talking, he is just reading what the communist leader is telling him to say, i don,t like him, afterall he is on it destroying canada, but the main culprit is the one that has go.


what a bloody liar and he’s just like Trudeau and the rest of his lying liberals


You don’t necessarily have to be a liar to be a liberal MP, but a lot of them are, especially the one’s that have been appointed by the trudeau & butts combo to the senate, cabinet, deputy positions and advisors..

Major Tom

Why do Canadians vote for these lying traitors? Are they brain dead?

David Henley

Blair has and always be a liar and liberal. It seems that most liberals have lost all decency and have no credibility. The mainstream media has also gone off the rails to destroy the North America life style. No mercy come election time