Trudeau Extends The CERB By 8 Weeks

The move will likely ensure ongoing NDP support for the government.

With Canada’s economy slowly re-opening but many Canadians still out of work, PM Justin Trudeau is extending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

The CERB will be extended by 8 weeks, giving Canadians a possible $4,000 in additional benefits.

The program – currently at about $60 billion – will be expanded by tens of billions more.

Extending the CERB has been seen as a condition for ongoing NDP support of the Liberals, even as the NDP voted to shut Parliament over the summer. Now, it is likely that the NDP will be supporting the Liberals going forward.

Meanwhile, this puts the Conservatives in a tough position.

The Conservatives have been raising concerns about the immense budget deficit, but the CERB is a very popular program, and the Conservatives – already trailing in the polls – risk losing even more support if they are seen as opposing it.

Also, if the Liberals continue extending the CERB, they could conceivably be doing so even during a possible fall election, a point noted by Alex Brown of the National Citizens Coalition:

“Consider this: It’s entirely possible that Trudeau, already one of the great ethically-bankrupt political operators in history, will still be paying Canadian voters $2000 a month to #stayinsideforever DURING a fall election call.

You’d almost have to tip your cap if he does.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What do you expect from a criminally minded politician


Buying votes,that’s all this is.And he knows it. The lazy WILL:be VERY happy to stay home FOREVER…. as we rapidly become a full socialist, then a communist state. Trudeau’s aim to begin with, from the very beginning – make NO doubt about that….

Guy-Paul Roy

$16,000 now will cost Ya’All $24,000 in the future.

andy turner

I know so many welfare types who are fraudulently taking this free money…will come back to bite them


Just in time for a snap election. I hope Leslyn is ready.

gary emond



The Libs and NDP ought to be treated, not as political parties, but as the organized crime syndicates that they are.