Breaking Urgent News: Rosemary Barton Confirms Trudeau Got A Haircut

Good to know we’re paying $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars for this essential national coverage!

Super-serious and totally-credible journalist Rosemary Barton is covering the big issues that matter to Canadians.

Barton – showing that the CBC totally deserves $1.5 billion in our taxpayer dollars every year – is ensuring that Canadians are 100% up to date on the immense issues facing our nation.

Like Justin Trudeau getting a haircut:

Yep, Barton thinks Trudeau’s haircut is the issue all Canadians are talking about.


This is what we pay $1.5 billion for.

These are the People who arrogantly think they are better than us and think they are the ‘voice’ of Canada.

In reality, Barton and CBC are only the voice of their own little out of touch elitist club, and would have no viewers whatsoever unless they forced us to give them $1.5 billion every year.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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The ONLY news I want to hear about Trudeau is : he has retired, effective immediately, and a leadership race has begun, and will be voted on, by the fall, by the national membership of the party.Anything less than that ? I have no control over what he does to our country, or to us, and I just don’t listen to him anymore – YES he makes me THAT sick… Even our so called ‘official opposition’ Conservatives need to start APPOSING a lot more strongly than they have been…they’re spineless…. Trudeau shuts down Parliament a full month earlier than usual,… Read more »

Greg Alberta

Rosie Barton has finally hit her pinnacle of journalistic excellence. It looked like Rosie was on her way down since becoming Justin’s chubby squeeze, but her latest reporting has shown that to be untrue. She has finally found her niche. “Hair Cut Reporter”!
Way to go Rosie. What’s next for this talented reporter? Foot manicure interviews? The possibilities are endless!


Maybe Rosie will try and wow us about his stupid socks.

Guy-Paul Roy

Corner Gas always spits on the floor when Wollerton is mentioned. When Corner Gas fires up again they are going to Hire The Rose to spit on the floor every time Conservative is mentioned. The Trust Fund Moron also Dyed his hair. No Blackface though.


CBC and more fake news. To avoid the risk of offending someone somewhere, Barton didn’t report that Trudope had them all cut.

Elaine Finn

Pardon me, but isn’t Rosie on the dole, accepting handouts, small or large? Doesn’t that make her just another welfare recipient? Never watch CBC or CTV or Global.


He changed Wigs?

Brian Pudsey

As hard as I’ve tried, I can no longer take CBC TV and CTV seriously as comprehensive reporters of news that is important beyond the self-labelled elitist club in Ottawa, a town of referees. The other cities are at least players.