Breaking Urgent News: Rosemary Barton Confirms Trudeau Got A Haircut

Good to know we’re paying $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars for this essential national coverage!

Super-serious and totally-credible journalist Rosemary Barton is covering the big issues that matter to Canadians.

Barton – showing that the CBC totally deserves $1.5 billion in our taxpayer dollars every year – is ensuring that Canadians are 100% up to date on the immense issues facing our nation.

Like Justin Trudeau getting a haircut:

Yep, Barton thinks Trudeau’s haircut is the issue all Canadians are talking about.


This is what we pay $1.5 billion for.

These are the People who arrogantly think they are better than us and think they are the ‘voice’ of Canada.

In reality, Barton and CBC are only the voice of their own little out of touch elitist club, and would have no viewers whatsoever unless they forced us to give them $1.5 billion every year.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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