BREAKING: Someone Painted Blackface On Pierre Elliot Trudeau Statue

Statues across the nation are being vandalized.

A statue of Pierre Elliot Trudeau has been vandalized in the city of Vaughan.

Vandals painted blackface on the statue.

It’s a clear allusion to Justin Trudeau’s multiple blackface episodes.

You can watch video of the police discussing the matter:

As funny as this may be on one level, it is still unfortunate to see a statue vandalized.

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if Justin Trudeau hadn’t been such a total hypocrite, lecturing everyone else while holding himself to a far lower standard.

That said, Canada’s history should be respected, and that should apply even to statues of historical figures we may dislike or disagree with. We should defend statues of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, just as we should defend statues of John A. Macdonald.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Donald O'Kane

I agree our history should never be forgotten and allowed to stand. I never did like Pierre but he is a part of our history and should be protected. However I got a good laugh at the dig it gets on Spawn lol.

Kerry Clark

History. good or bad, (in this case, bad) should be preserved! In this particular instance, it should serve as a reminder to be careful who we elect! Good history is a source of pride for a country and should be preserved…Good or Bad, it’s still a part of our heritage and should not be forgotten or harmed!

Malcolm Dutchak

as much as I don’t want to agree on defending trudeau’s statue I do have to agree with you that all statues should not be vandalized or removed as they are a part of history and history is important so future generations can learn and hopefully not make the same miso, unfortunately it seems people today don’t want to learn our real history, just a twisted version of it nowadays

Don P.

With all the other statues being allowed to be vandalized & taken down why is this one somehow considered sacred?!! Either apply the same respect for all of these symbolic Canadiana icons or none at all…


Because it’s socialist.