HYPOCRITE: After Epic UN Vote Failure, Liberal MP Slams Conservatives For ‘Gloating,’ Only To Be Reminded Of His Tweets Attacking Harper Government For Exact Same Thing


Liberal MP Omar Alghabra is disappointed that Conservatives are ‘gloating’ over Trudeau’s epic UN vote failure:

“It’s quite distasteful how the Conservatives and @AndrewScheer are gloating that Canada didn’t win a Security Council seat. It used to be that Canadian partisanship stopped at the border. Bring back decency, please”

Alghabra just wants some ‘decency.’

Except, that’s not what Alghabra was saying in 2010 when Canada lost the UN vote.

As pointed out by Queen Paola on Twitter, Alghabra had quite a different message back then:


The fact that Alghabra thinks Harper should have been at the UN instead of visiting with Canadians at Tim Hortons says it all about the arrogant elitist attitude of the Liberals.

Turns out, the Liberals only want ‘decency’ when it can be used to distract from their epic failures.


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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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richard taylor

The Lieberal’s are getting exactly what they deserve !They will be crying for the next 12 years or more

Kerry Clark

Any chance to bash Conservatives!


you should have build a fine rehabilitation centre for all the poor messed up drug addicts to have a good place to live until they can be clean once and for all .our people and children are dying a slow death and you do nothing only give them cerb money so they can buy more terrible drugs .you wasted an opportunity to actually do something to save Canadian lives! When will you take off those rose-colored glasses and serve us Canadians for real?