WATCH: Justin Trudeau On Why It Was So Bad For Canada To Not Have A UN Security Council Seat (Under Harper Of Course)

Strange that he isn’t saying the same thing now.

We all know Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite.

And this video from 2015 of Trudeau talking about the UN Security Council makes his own failure in the UN vote even more humiliating.

After a 2015 leaders debate, Trudeau talked about how bad it was for Canada not to have a seat at the UN Security Council table, making it sound like a huge deal and a massive disaster.

Beyond this video, Trudeau had repeatedly slammed the Harper Government’s foreign policy, making it clear that the Liberals would totally change things and win the respect of the world.

Except, it didn’t turn out that way.

Under Trudeau, Canada won just 108 votes and was defeated in round 1, whereas under Harper, Canada won 114 votes and made it to the third round of voting before being defeated.

Even by his own already low standards, Trudeau’s foreign policy is a total failure.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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