WATCH: The Conservative Leadership Debate

Following the French-language debate, the debate in English takes place.

The English-language Conservative leadership debate is occurring.

Will Erin O’Toole or Peter MacKay strike a knockout blow?

Will Leslyn Lewis build on her momentum?

Will Derek Sloan consolidate social Conservative support?

Watch the video below to find out:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Sandra Davenport

I watched the beginning, I watched the last two questions. I am not impressed with Lewis. While everyone else talked improving Canadians…She went straight to helping people of colour, in Urban areas. Not everybody lives in the 3 major cities. Not all problems are in Toronto. The minute she divided her answer to promote more help and money to Urban and special groups, in those areas. Putting minority groups above the rest of Canadians. It was a racial answer. she lost my respect.


Support a Winner , support Leslyn Lewis !