VIDEOS: Protesters Call For Abolishing Toronto Police

Genius-level thinking. After all, it’s not like Toronto has any crime or shootings…

On the same day that multiple people were hurt, and one person killed in a shooting in Toronto, and only days after an apparently intoxicated man smashed into a car killing a woman and her three young children, some total genius protesters are calling for the abolishment of the Toronto Police.

Of course, we know that this is crazy.

If the police were abolished, there would be a massive surge in crime, violence, suffering, and death, which would then result in the police coming back to protect a desperate population:

“Let’s do a little thought experiment:

The police are abolished.

People have nobody to call when there’s crime.

Crime surges.

In desperation, people form their own armed ‘community security’ groups.

Perhaps those groups would be called, oh, I don’t know, ‘police.'”

“They would need a central HQ in each neighbourhood.

Perhaps those could be called ‘precincts’.

We end up back where we started, only with a lot more death, crime, and suffering in between.

That’s why any push to abolish the police is insanity.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter