In A Dangerous World, Nobody Fears Or Respects Canada, And That Puts Canadians At Risk

By refusing to strengthen our military, and by rolling over for regimes like the Chinese Communist Party, the Liberal government has sent a message of weakness that endangers our country.

There are two key ways for a country to ensure a good amount of security in a dangerous world:

Fear, and Respect.

Usually, it’s one or the other, except in the case of superpowers.

The United States is feared by many for their immense military power, while many also respect America for their entertainment culture and history of democracy.

China is feared by their neighbours, though not many countries respect China, especially under the CCP Xi Jinping regime.

Countries like the UK, and France have decent military power, enough to ensure their personal defence, yet are respected highly for their history, innovation, style, and cultural contributions to the world.

Note, that respect and military strength have a relationship. People respect countries that can defend themselves, or that at least make an effort to defend themselves and contribute to alliances. The UK and France are not feared, but their combination of decent military strength and cultural history is important.

There are other countries like Germany, that despite some pretty horrendous history, are respected economically. Japan is also in this category.

Economic strength also holds open the possibility of a rapid military build up if necessary.

So, there are many ways for a country to be respected, and/or feared.

And in a dangerous and increasingly chaotic world, being able to command respect is very important.

Unfortunately, Canada has neither.

Canada’s economy is smaller than that of both California and Texas, making us less relevant to the world economy than those individual US States.

Our ability to influence global energy markets is being constrained by a government that allows foreign organizations to weaken our energy sector.

Our military is horribly underfunded, unable to even muster a bare-boned defence of Canada, let alone tip the balance of power overseas.

Our level of competitiveness and innovation is lagging.

The words of our leaders have no credibility, with Trudeau having been revealed as totally powerless amid the ongoing trashing of our nation by China, and his huge loss at the UN Security Council.

In short, Canada is neither respected, nor feared.

Of course, it wouldn’t be hard for that to change.

If Canada specialized our military on building a medium-sized, yet high quality advanced Air Force, hypersonic weapons, and contributions to expanding military efforts in space, we could easily be a big player.

Likewise, if we reduced interprovincial trade barriers, unleashed our energy sector, and rebuilt domestic manufacturing, we could be far more wealthy and self-sufficient.

And finally, we could be taking a strong stand for Canadian values, pushing back against China, welcoming freedom-loving refugees from Hong Kong, and setting an example as a nation that stands up for liberty, democracy, and human rights.

All of that would make Canada more secure, by strengthening the admiration of our allies, bolstering our economy and national defence, and building up our cultural capital as a free nation.

Until that happens however, the Canadian People will continue to be put at further risk by a weak, feckless, cowardly Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Dale Mullen

As Canadians, we asked for this.
Now we are getting exactly what we deserve. It’s too late to cry now. The irreparable damage has been done and now we all pay, especially the young(er).


Spencer, I think Trudeau has already sold us out to China…One thing for sure is, he is trying very hard to make Canada a communist Country..Question is, when will Canadians wake up and see that? Is it too late? I hope not…and pray everyday….

Dave Fletcher

One thing this article is missing is the fact Trudeau has let enemies into our country so why on earth would he care about who might be eyeing us up! When the Muslim communities get the call I believe their going to cause big problems within Canada! Let’s face it, he’s likely counting on our allies and American rescuers! This has justified him playing with our money to the point of treason. He doesn’t care about Canada, please wake up Canada every vote will count on the next election. I honestly feel sick as to how he’s sold Canadians out… Read more »


I agree with everything you mentioned here. End times are nearer. But I can’t excuse our leader who is an out and out communist, determined to ruin our beloved country. I can’t imagine thinking people voting for him. And what about other Lieberal politicians? Are they blind and stupid also?


“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors. The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” -Plato


Trudeau is looking old and haggard and scared. He’s way out of his league. Time to step down, old fella.