MacKay Campaign Faces Accusations Of Stealing Confidential O’Toole Campaign Info

A very serious accusation as the CPC race turns ugly.

The Conservative leadership race is turning ugly.

The Erin O’Toole campaign has filed a formal complaint against the MacKay campaign, alleging that a senior figure in MacKay’s campaign was involved in the theft of confidential information.

The campaign has asked for the RCMP, OPP, and Toronto Police to investigate.

Here is the letter from the O’Toole campaign making the allegation:

Erin O'Toole Letter


This is a very high-stakes situation.

If the allegation is confirmed, it could be very harmful to the MacKay campaign.

However, if the allegation proves to be false, it could be devastating for O’Toole, as people will have a furious backlash to false accusations.

Additionally, the entire Conservative Party suffers as the race turns ugly, and many may sour on both front-runners.

This could present a further opportunity for Lewis and Sloan, who will be distanced from this back-and-forth infighting between O’Toole and MacKay.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter