Morneau Shredded By Poilievre After Claiming Liberals Were ‘Fiscally Responsible’ Amid Credit Rating Downgrade

The reality is that Canada’s economy was already very weak before the CCP Virus hit.

Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau is responding to the devastating downgrade of Canada’s Credit Rating.

Here’s what he said:

Of course, Morneau’s statements are totally wrong, and he got shredded by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre:

“No Minister. Going into the pandemic you gave us $80B in debt, growth of 0.3%, half of Canadians $200 from insolvency, higher unemployment than US, UK, Japan & Germany and the second highest total public&private debt/GDP in the G7.

All of that before the first COVID case.”

If Canada’s economy had been strong before the crisis, and if the government had unleashed the potential of the Canadian People, it would have been far easier for us to get through this crisis and sustain a period of higher debt.

“I don’t blame Morneau for new measures necessitated by covid. But this backpatting about what a great job he did before the crisis hit is such nonsensical revisionism. He blew *his own targets* from *the Libs’ own platform*. By their own standard, that they chose, they failed.”

Instead, due to previous weakness, the current situation is much worse, and the consequences will be with us for a long-time.

No amount of false statements from Morneau can change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Garlet Farlett

Anyone know hoe much of OUR money JT squandered during the “pandemic” for his UN seat? We probably could have used that here at home.

Brian Dougan

The business of the USA–generally speaking–has been business. The current business of Librano Canada is putting Canada out of business.

Thomas Tass

Canada has become an international credit risk. Period. Please be sure to thank Justin Castro.


Pierre is brilliant. I love listening to him and it’s always highly disturbing to watch the liberals shy away from providing direct answers to his questions …Pierre would make a fantastic Prime Minister. We need more people with his honesty, intelligence, and integrity. We certainly don’t witness much of that from the party “leading” this country.


In my opinion, we receive NO honest answers from the,. Just opens his mouth, and lies spill out! And that is the norm for him….Now he’s got the sheeple doing the same thing!


Fiscally responsible you say????? Not even close!