GREAT WALL OF SHAME: They Signed The Letter Calling On Canada To Surrender To Communist China


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

And in the case of those who signed the despicable letter calling on Canada to surrender to China, that is certainly the case.

On Twitter, Mr. Surveillance put together the following graphic, showing those who signed the letter.

They are certainly Canada’s Great Wall of Shame.

“Here are the 19 “prominent” Canadians who advocated for judicial interference and the release of communist princess Meng Wanzhou. They should all get audited for their ties to Chinese money.”

Great Wall of Shame sums this up perfectly. These people have disgraced themselves and should never be listened to on anything ever again.

All credit goes to Mr. Surveillance for the amazing graphic. Follow them here!


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (@surveilz)