“We Must Never Back Down Against Communism”: Erin O’Toole Honours The “26,000 Brave Canadians” Who Fought Against “Communist Chinese & North Korean Forces”

An important reminder of Canada’s true history and heritage.

With some of Canada’s cowardly and disloyal elites pushing for us to surrender to Communist China, Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is reminding Canadians that our country has a long history of fighting against Communism.

O’Toole is honouring the 26,000 Canadians who fought in the Korean War, when our country joined with the United States in fighting back against Communist China and Communist North Korea.

516 Canadians lost their lives in the war against the Communists.

“26,000 brave Canadians fought for freedom and democracy against Communist Chinese and North Korean forces during the Korean War. 516 paid the ultimate price. We must never back down against Communism.

Lest we forget.”


This is an important reminder from O’Toole – who served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

The corrupt elites want us to forget our history, and want to replace our courageous past with a future in which we surrender and bend over for the ruthless Chinese Communist Party, which would be like spitting on the graves of all those who lost their lives for our right to be free.

That must NOT happen!

By reminding Canadians about our actual history, we help ensure that our future lives up to our values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter