Blacklock’s: Liberal Government Gives Municipalities 20-Year Waiver To Dump Raw Sewage Into Fish Habitats

While they lecture the rest of us on the ‘environment.’

The hypocrisy of the Liberal government has no limits.

While they go around demonizing us and slamming anyone who doesn’t want to destroy the economy to live up to UN ‘environmental deals,’ they are giving a massive waiver to municipalities.

As reported by Blacklock’s Reporter (paywalled), the Liberals have granted municipalities a 20-year waiver to dump raw sewage into fish habitats.

“Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is granting municipalities a twenty-year waiver to keep dumping raw sewage in fish habitat. The regulatory notice follows a 2019 promise to “keep our waters safe, clean and well-managed”.”

Of course, we know that these same hypocritical fools will go back to lecturing the rest of us, then demanding that we sign onto deals that let China continue increasing their emissions, while crippling our own energy sector and manufacturing economy.

Absolutely pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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