Overwhelming Majority Of Canadians Want Boycott On Chinese Products

The Canadian People have decisively turned against China.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows more evidence of how Canadians have turned against China.

According to the poll, a whopping 81% of Canadians want a boycott on Chinese goods, saying “Canadian consumers should try to avoid buying things made in China.”

Just 19% are opposed.

People across all age groups support a boycott, with 74% in support among Canadians aged 18-34, 82% among Canadians aged 35-54, and 86% among those age 55 and above.

Canada’s trade with China is a relatively small portion of our entire economy, being massively dwarfed by our internal trade, and our trade with the United States.

While the many of the corrupt elites constantly try to make us think we are dependent on China, the reality is quite the opposite. Canada could end all trade with China and our country would survive. In fact, our GDP has already fallen by a larger amount due to the CCP Virus than our entire trade value with China.

When the elites say Canada ‘needs China,’ they are really saying that they need China for their own corrupt deals and betrayal of our nation.

Canadians are waking up to that fact, and pushing for us to decouple from China. It’s time for our leaders to finally listen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube