Brian Mulroney Calls For “Dramatic Increase In Immigration”

Meanwhile, polls show Canadians want the opposite.

With multiple polls showing a clear majority of Canadians wanting immigration levels reduced, including a whopping 76% calling for a total halt on immigration in a recent ONE poll, Brian Mulroney is pushing for the exact opposite.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, Mulroney is calling for a “Dramatic increase in our immigration over time to an objective of 75 million people so that we can achieve our full potential.”

Mulroney also promotes some strong ideas, including removing inter-provincial trade barriers, a “strong military,” and a “powerful assertion of sovereignty across our North.”

However, on the issue of immigration, Mulroney is repeating a pattern we have seen over and over again from our political elites.

They completely disregard Canadian public opinion on many issues, leaving millions of Canadians completely unrepresented by the political system.

With a clear majority of Canadians wanting reduced levels of immigration, there is no major political party that represents that point of view. And, even though nearly all Conservative supporters want reduced immigration, the Conservative Party itself appears afraid to take that position.

That’s not how democracy is supposed to work. People are supposed to have their views represented in the system, and opinions held by the majority of people should certainly be represented.

This continued elitist effort to block Canadians from getting the policies we want is another reason why our country is becoming more and more divided.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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