DISGUSTING & ANTI-CANADIAN: After Allowing Protests In June, City Of Calgary Says Canada Day Events Will Be “SHUT DOWN”

Absolute garbage.

Every time you think hypocrisy has finally reached it’s highest level, it gets even worse.

The City of Calgary – which allowed huge BLM protests earlier this month – is now saying that Canada Day events are not permitted.

They are even saying they will “shut down” those events, even though they will be held outside:

“We’ve heard rumours of large events being planned in parks for Canada Day. This is not permitted and these events will be shut down if they try to go forward.”

This is disgusting.

It’s anti-Patriotic.

It’s anti-Canadian.

It’s total disloyalty.

And it’s hypocritical to the extreme.

How they hell can mass protests be ‘safe,’ while Canada Day gatherings in parks (where ‘experts’ say the risk of transmission is far lower) not be safe?

Science isn’t supposed to change based on political circumstances.

What we are seeing is that pathetic and cowardly politicians have totally surrendered to the radical left, and are now refusing to enforce the rules against far-left protesters, while threatening to punish Patriotic Canadians who want to celebrate our country.

If people want to stay home, they can stay home. That’s a perfectly reasonable choice. But to forcibly shut down Patriotic celebrations of Canada Day is an absolute disgrace, and any politician who supports shutting down Canada Day celebrations while having previously encouraged protests has no right to hold office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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