WATCH: Propaganda Patty Tries Blaming Harper Government For Lack Of Liberal Pandemic Preparedness

She was swiftly called out and her lies were debunked.

We already know that Patty Hajdu (AKA Propaganda Patty) loves misinformation.

After all, she repeatedly defended the Coronavirus numbers being reported by the Chinese Communist Party, even after China admitted they had undercounted a few thousand cases (while not admitting to what is likely an even larger undercounting).

And now, she’s trying to blame the Harper government for the Liberals being unprepared for the CCP Coronavirus.

During a question in virtual question period, Hajdu was asked about the state of government preparedness.

She led off her ‘answer’ by claiming Harper cut the budget for health and preparedness, then tried to contrast those ‘cuts’ with the Liberal record.

Unfortunately for Hajdu, the opposite turned out to be the case.

Following Hajdu’s lies, an MP responded with the actual information, and had the numbers right there in front of him. Turns out, there weren’t cuts by the Conservatives there.

But, there were cuts… by the Liberals.

Once again, Hajdu is exposed as a liar who attempts to deceive Canadians and blame others rather than take responsibility.

You can watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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