Royal Family Tweets Photo Of Queen With Harper For Canada Day

The Tweet has raised lots of attention.

A Tweet by the royal family is getting some attention on Canada Day.

The photos show the Queen in Canada visiting various events.

But if you look closely, you can see former PM Stephen Harper in the photos, rather than Justin Trudeau.

Now, while people may read a lot into this, it’s likely that these were the only photos they had of a recent visit by the Queen to Canada. After all, the last time they visited was in 2010.

While there are many photos of the Queen with Justin Trudeau, those are all from overseas visits by the PM.

And of course, the Queen tries to stay out of politics, so refusing to Tweet a photo because Harper is in it would make little sense.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the Tweets from getting lots of attention, with a few foolish people criticizing the photo for including Harper and including the RCMP.

Also, we can’t still help but wonder if there perhaps some sort of message being sent here. We may never know.

Overall though, it’s nice for Canada to get some positive greetings on Canada Day, and we should welcome those messages from anyone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter