Canada Should NEVER Repatriate ISIS Terrorists. Leave Them Overseas Forever

Bringing terrorists back into our country would put law-abiding Canadians at risk. Those who left Canada to fight for a terrorist organization must deal with the consequences on their own.

With some fools still pushing the federal government to bring back ISIS terrorists who left Canada to fight for the brutal terror group, it is essential that all common-sense Canadians continue to push back.

While there are good people here in Canada who need help, the elites never fail to focus on the worst of the worst overseas, demanding that we somehow fulfill a ‘duty’ to people who hate Canada and wanted to destroy it.

ISIS openly declared war on Canada and all of our allies, and committed some of the worst crimes imaginable. Thus, fighting for ISIS is a renunciation of Canadian Citizenship, is an act of Treason, and totally disqualifies someone from ever coming back to Canada.

The reality is that whenever someone left Canada to join ISIS, they forfeited their right to be Canadian, and forfeited their rights.

They made their choice, and now they must face the consequences.

Canada owes them NOTHING.

We should NEVER bring them back.

Leave them overseas forever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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