WATCH: Trudeau Dodges Responsibility For WE Charity Debacle

Trudeau acts like he is an innocent bystander in the government he runs.

As always when Justin Trudeau has a scandal, he’s avoiding all responsibility.

In response to the escalating WE Charity scandal – which never would have happened if the Trudeau government didn’t award the program to the Trudeau-linked group itself – Trudeau acted as if he was completely uninvolved and unrelated to the decision.

Instead, he claimed it was a decision by the WE Charity, even though his own minister Bardish Chagger earlier said it was a “mutual decision.”


And of course, Trudeau called for “reflection,” and said the situation was “truly unfortunate.”

Trudeau is often derided as a fool, and that often fits, but he is also quite clever in his rhetoric, especially when dealing with a scandal centered on himself.

Just as he did with SNC-Lavalin, Trudeau distances himself from anything that goes wrong, acting as he if he is simply hanging back and watching things go wrong. And, because the media often gives him a free pass, it allows Trudeau to avoid the direct political damage that should be incurred by repeated scandals.

Still, the fact that the government and WE backed down is a testament to the power you have to spread the truth and generate justified outrage against the government, and it’s why we need to continue speaking up.

“Give yourself a round of applause. The fact that you helped to generate justified outrage over the WE Charity debacle is a big part of why they had to back down. People have real power on social media, which is why the elites are so desperate to silence us. Keep speaking up!”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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