WE Charity Will No Longer Run Volunteer Program, Says They’ll Repay Funds

Massive controversy and a brewing scandal made the nearly $1 billion contract for the Trudeau-linked charity a disastrous move.

With a brewing scandal, increased scrutiny, and mounting criticism of the WE Charity, the Trudeau-linked charity will no longer run a massive $900 million federal volunteer program.

The move comes after nearly universal condemnation of the Liberal government’s decision to award the contract to a charity with close links to the PM.

Across the political spectrum, people had condemned the move to give the contract to the charity, and both independent media and the establishment media (in a rare bout of Trudeau criticism) slammed the move and noted that it was a growing scandal.

Liberal youth minister Bardish Chagger said it was a “mutually agreed upon decision.”

As always, Trudeau talked about the need for “reflection.”

“PMJT says gov’t supports WE’s decision to withdraw. Says We Charity will have to engage in reflection now what it’s future looks like. Suggests gov’t will have to look at what went wrong, but gov’t work on programs for young people will continue… without attracting controversy.”

Trudeau had repeatedly claimed that only the WE Charity could run the program, something that was slammed by civil servants who accurately noted the government already manages very similar programs without needing the We Charity.

Additionally, Trudeau had claimed that nobody in the PMO pushed for the WE Charity to get control of the program, but that was undermined by one of the WE Charity’s co-founders who said the PMO called him, before hilariously backtracking and claiming he ‘misspoke.’

In addition to no longer running the program, the WE Charity says they’ll repay all funds received from taxpayers so far.

Of course, this is good news. That said, there must still be an investigation into why the Trudeau Liberals could have even thought it was appropriate to give the program to the WE Charity in the first place. The Canadian People still deserve answers on why this all happened.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Alex Vorobej

The aftermath of a Prime Minister’s Bad decision… Yet again! So now not only does he look bad ( a usual occurrence), but, WE also looks bad for accepting the role in the first place… Nope!! Look away… No conflict of interest here…..

Gerri Page

He was caught with his hands in the cookie jar and took too many. In other words, money doesn’t grow on trees and the continual borrowing for useless causes has to stop.

Beverley Campbell

How is it that this man could not see the pitfalls of handing out that money blithely to a group affiliated with his wife? How come she could not see that? This man must go before he completely ruins this wonderful Country, please.


Kleptocracy is all we have left now in for ?politicians???? if you can call them that?

Marian Joudoin

I Rob a Bank and get caught would the Police let me off if I say I need to reflect and see how this happened.


If your a illberal/NDP/Green or block politician, most likely.