While Continuing To Restrict Canadians, Public Health Agency Grants Exemption For Millionaire Baseball Players

They claim it’s on “national interest grounds.”

As we often say, there’s one set of rules for the elites, and another set of rules for the rest of us.

Making that abundantly clear is the latest move by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

While restrictions are still in place for the vast majority of Canadians, and with the Agency still imposing strict limits in their advice to most of us, they are granting an exemption to millionaire baseball players:

“New tonight from the Public Health Agency of Canada

“The Government of Canada has issued an exemption to the mandatory isolation order on national interest grounds for team members and staff of the MLB.””

As Ezra Levant noted on Twitter, this is hypocritical to the extreme:

“You cannot go to church or synagogue. You cannot travel. You cannot open your store or restaurant, even if you’re on the brink of bankruptcy. But millionaire ball players and billionaire owners get a special exemption. So says Canada’s government “doctor”.”


It’s the same pattern we saw with the protests that the elites encouraged. They simply ignored science and changed their advice based on politics and how much they approved of those who were protesting.

This immense hypocrisy is why so many Canadians have lost faith in our government officials, and even our health officials.

After all the contradictory advice, all the lies, all the hypocrisy, people simply can’t trust what we’re being told anymore.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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No common sense or decency or an actual government left in Canada????


Not baseball, not any professional sport, is a “national interest”, no matter how much the owners donate to the Liberal Party or to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund. The very existence of that Fund while a family Member is involved in politics, and in particular the PM, must be scrutinized, audited and the details made public. Every damn penny and every donor.

Brian Dougan

You’d be amazed what a generous donation to the Liberal Party (Trudeau Foundation; wink wink) will do to open the border. Play ball!


Nothing surprises me anymore.

Major Tom

Rules for thee but not for me…….That is the epitome of the police state!