Rigged For Them, Not For Us: The System Is Designed To Avoid Punishing Political Corruption

If any of us did what politicians like Justin Trudeau repeatedly do, our lives would have been ruined and our careers taken from us.

Justin Trudeau is facing yet another serious ethics scandal.

It’s become a pattern with him.

He does something unethical.

He claims there’s no story and he did nothing wrong.

An investigation is launched.

Trudeau pledges to “work with” the commissioner.

In many cases, he is found guilty.

No real punishment is applied, and he skates on to the next scandal.

And that’s because the system is designed to protect the corrupt.

Remember, politicians were supposed to be our servants. They are supposed to work for us.

Yet, they get to set their own pay, and control the kind of punishments they receive for wrongdoing.

There’s almost no other workplace where that happens, and for obvious reasons.

It creates a clear incentive for corruption, because corruption becomes so lightly punished.

If any of us had done what many politicians – including Justin Trudeau – have done, we would have already been destroyed.

The elites love to use the full power of the system against us, threatening us, making up lies about us, using government power to create false narratives and demonize us.

Yet, when they are caught doing wrong, the elites get to hide behind the system.

Of course, in a democracy that is the exact opposite of how things are supposed to work. The system is supposed to protect us.

In fact, we are supposed to be able to use the power of the system against politicians who do wrong, because they are supposed to work for us.

A key reason this doesn’t happen is that many politicians – across the spectrum – become infatuated with power when they get into office. They may run against corruption, but then they are in power and protected by the same system.

The only way this will change is for politicians to realize they can only get elected if they promise to reform the system. That may involve defeating people over and over and over again, until they finally get it. And that can only happen when the power of independent media has grown to rival that of the corrupt establishment press, who provide cover to corrupt politicians as part of the same rigged system.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Brian Dougan

As someone once said; power corrupts. There have been good; moral people who ran for high office. In most cases; their run for the leadership ended in defeat. Instead; we had the likes of the two “elite” Trudeau’s, Mulroney, and Chretien. Ethics Commission? That’s a knee slapper. The joke is on us. The Canadian Parliament is run by a criminal organization. Former Prime Minister Lester “Mike” Pearson was a reported communist. Trudeau Sr. was well known to be a communist. Chretien has strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Trudeau Jr. is infatuated with the dictatorial power of China. Our… Read more »

Andre Delage


Ken Lane

As governments transition from a parasitic role to that of a predator, the laws-of-the-land also shift . . . instead of protecting citizens from their public sector the laws are reworked to protect the public sector from its citizens.

Arie Intveld

The actual concept of “democracy” died in Canada many decades ago. We are merely witnessing the final chapters of the full conversion to Socialism here in Canada, as well as globally. We, the People, can no longer rid ourselves of the elites who claim dominion over our lives for our own good.

The most terrifying words in the English language are:

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

Major Tom

In all of this…..he is protected by the RCMP……..

alan skelhorne

how many times do i have to say this, king trudeau is above the law, remember what he said in the beginnihg, i have a majority, i will do what i want, and when i want. now i have a minority government, i will do what i want , and when i want, and the kicker is,,,, there is not a person who can stop me. he has the election rigged already. so we are stuck with this complete imbecile. there is no way to remove him.

J.J. Moore

I disagree. If Joe was voted out, so can Justin be removed. Canada has to grow a pair & say that’s enough. Have you written a letter to your MP? I have. Many times. And he’s a Lib. If it smells rotten, call it out. If you don’t, you get what you deserve.


“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty… Read more »

Brian Rushfeldt

i agree – the rigging is the use of a useless Ethics Commissioner and crew that are beholden to Trudeau ( any PM). so nothing happens when law/policy is broken. We would be jailed for such massive criminality.


Good comments, and 100% correct.

Canada has nothing to be proud of, under the existing system.

Rick Guyatt

Excellent article Spencer….you are right there is no accountability system for the politicians except what they always cover up with “Well if you don’t like a particular politician or group of them, VOTE them out next election. Right. Except it seldom works that way. If the PMO and/or one or all of his Cabinet screw up, there should be a tribunal driven accountability system perhaps like the Armed Forces has e.g. Court Martial, or maybe a form of progressive disciplinary system right up to termination like many employees work under every day. Under either system, idiot Trudeau and many of… Read more »

Leena Gouin

No, the problem is we believe the system is supposed to work for us. In reality, it’s set to control us through simply creating the illusion that’s it’s what the majority have decided. This illusion is created through media and political coordination and manipulation of key stories, facts, and polls. Despite the facts Trudeau only got 35% of the popular vote, media manipulation creates the appearance he has majority support. They drown out all other viewpoints by catering their attention to solely one view through a number of different talking heads and outlets. This makes the other views seem to… Read more »