Rigged For Them, Not For Us: The System Is Designed To Avoid Punishing Political Corruption

If any of us did what politicians like Justin Trudeau repeatedly do, our lives would have been ruined and our careers taken from us.

Justin Trudeau is facing yet another serious ethics scandal.

It’s become a pattern with him.

He does something unethical.

He claims there’s no story and he did nothing wrong.

An investigation is launched.

Trudeau pledges to “work with” the commissioner.

In many cases, he is found guilty.

No real punishment is applied, and he skates on to the next scandal.

And that’s because the system is designed to protect the corrupt.

Remember, politicians were supposed to be our servants. They are supposed to work for us.

Yet, they get to set their own pay, and control the kind of punishments they receive for wrongdoing.

There’s almost no other workplace where that happens, and for obvious reasons.

It creates a clear incentive for corruption, because corruption becomes so lightly punished.

If any of us had done what many politicians – including Justin Trudeau – have done, we would have already been destroyed.

The elites love to use the full power of the system against us, threatening us, making up lies about us, using government power to create false narratives and demonize us.

Yet, when they are caught doing wrong, the elites get to hide behind the system.

Of course, in a democracy that is the exact opposite of how things are supposed to work. The system is supposed to protect us.

In fact, we are supposed to be able to use the power of the system against politicians who do wrong, because they are supposed to work for us.

A key reason this doesn’t happen is that many politicians – across the spectrum – become infatuated with power when they get into office. They may run against corruption, but then they are in power and protected by the same system.

The only way this will change is for politicians to realize they can only get elected if they promise to reform the system. That may involve defeating people over and over and over again, until they finally get it. And that can only happen when the power of independent media has grown to rival that of the corrupt establishment press, who provide cover to corrupt politicians as part of the same rigged system.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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