Anti-Freedom Extremists Spray Paint “Communism Will Win” At Site Of Canadian Memorial To The Victims Of Communism

Something very disturbing and dangerous is going on in this country.

The defacing and desecration of monuments, flags, and symbols continues in Canada.

And now, even un-completed memorials are being vandalized.

At the construction site of the upcoming victims of Communism memorial, unhinged anti-Canadian, anti-freedom radicals spray-painted “communism will win”.

The photo was taken by Ian Prittie, who had this to say on Twitter:

“I took this picture in Ottawa last week.

I feel like typing ‘communism has killed 100m people’ every day now.

Canadian children should be learning this fact starting in senior kindergarten.”

“Shocking ignorance on display.

100 million murdered in the name of communism, with many Canadians and/or their ancestors fleeing to Canada to escape that sick, twisted ideology.

This shows exactly why our country needs to do a much better job teaching history.”

This follows recent desecrations of memorials, statues, and flags in our country, pointing to the fact that extremist far-left radicals have become emboldened by years of the elites encouraging the denigration of Western Civilization and the demonization of Canadian history.

Things have gotten so bad that outright communists and marxists feel confident enough to push their ideology, even as they often hide it behind cleverly-named front groups.

So long as many universities, schools, and the elites keep pushing the hate-Canada agenda, the more our country will be undermined and divided.

And of course, there is the question of what role China is playing in this divisiveness behind the scenes:

“We need to start wondering what role China has played in these movements denigrating the Western world, dividing from within, and fomenting pro-communist, anti-Freedom sentiment. Just as the world is turning against the brutal CCP Regime, all of this escalates. Interesting…”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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