Bubonic Plague Case In China

Officials declare a Level III alert in response to the case.

With the CCP Coronavirus having done immense damage around the world, and new warnings of another potentially human-transmissible flu in the Communist State, China now has another virus problem.

Bubonic Plague.

Yes, the same plague that ravaged Europe hundreds and hundreds of years ago, has never fully gone away.

And now, there is a case in China, in the region of Inner Mongolia.

Officials have launched a Level III alert, the second lowest alert level in their system.

A man in Bayannur is said to be in isolation with the plague.

The plague is spread by fleas that live on wild rodents.

While the plague can kill an adult in less than 24 hours, there are widely available antibiotics to treat it.

It’s certainly alarming for the Bubonic Plague to resurface in China, though the real ongoing threat from China continues to be the CCP regime and the CCP Virus that spread due to China’s lies and deceptions.

Spencer Fernando

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This is the next plague that Demonic Communist China proposes on leashing on the world! Their labs need to be bombarded and converted to parking lots!


More compelling evidence that Canada should no longer except Chinese goods

Bob McCarter

The bubonic plague is actually a bacterium Yersina pestis. Bacteria are responsive to antibiotics, viruses are not. We actually have Yersina pestis carried by rodents in the western mountains of Canada down to California (Yosemite). Every once in a while we have our own victims, often hikers, who get the plague.
Not one we can hold over the Chinese methinks.


Bob this is the truth, every year there are cases, but now curable. although Madagascar had a bad breakout a few years back.
I hear the one we need to be worried about next it appears is another new more virulent form of H1N1 that is starting in another Chinese Province at present and is in quarantine now.