Disgraceful: Canadian Flag Display Vandalized

Anti-Canadian sentiment, encouraged by the elites and the far-left, is emboldening those who want to demonize and denigrate our country.

With the elites and far-left continuing to encourage further anti-Canadian sentiment, a Victoria man’s Canadian Flag display was vandalized.

According to reports, Jim Bungente put up Canadian flags on his two properties, 18 flags in total.

Out of those 18, 15 were defaced.

In some cases, the Maple Leaf was crossed out with spray paint.

In other cases, the anti-Canadian vandals wrote “genocide,” and “you are on native land”.

One flag even said “KKKanada”.

There are more and more instances of statues, flags, and Canadian symbols being desecrated, as our cowardly elites not only ignore it, but actively encourage it.

Meanwhile, many schools and universities are only talking about negative historical things in Canada, while completely ignoring the positive, leaving many people with a twisted and hateful view of our country.

This is getting more and more disturbing, because if the basic foundation of respect for our country and our history is demolished, our nation will be at further risk of being dominated by radical extremists bent on tearing Canada apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab