Corey Hurren Allegedly Threatened PM Say Police

The man who rammed through the gate at Rideau Hall is facing 22 charges.

Corey Hurren, the Canadian Forces Ranger who rammed through the gate at Rideau Hall, is facing a charge of threatening PM Justin Trudeau.

According to police, Hurren is now accused of “threatening to cause death or bodily harm to the Prime Minister.”

Hurren, who drove 22 hours from Northern Manitoba to Ottawa, had two shotguns, a revolver, and a rifle, say police.

Hurren had a licence for the rifle, but did not have a licence for the revolver.

He faces 22 charges in total.

If found guilty, Hurren must face very severe punishment. Whether we like the PM or not, it is unacceptable for anyone to threaten the life of Canada’s leaders.

Security should also be tightened up, as it’s very disturbing someone was able to ram through the gate in the first place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Innocent until proven guilty


Severe punishment? I doubt it.

Garlet Farlett

So is trudeau now going to ban revolvers, shotguns and whatever type of “assault style” rifle the guy had?

Garlet Farlett

Here’s something that I find interesting. Less than a week after this incident, we know what guns this guy had on him, yet we still don’t know what the Nova Scotia shooter used. You know, the ones that led to the ban by OIC….


This has all of the ear marks of yet another False Flag. I call BS on this story.


To explain my previous comment… JT has given municipalities the power to ban handguns. Now this guy, just by mere coincidence, has an “unlicensed” handgun in his arsenal. Come on, people… Just like some random guy goes on a rampage (in a police car, no less), and kills 22 people. And… Gun Control legislation passed! How very convenient. JT is NOT our “leader” (do we need a “leader”?). Watch out for municipalities to now start banning handguns. You will see. There may be a few more False Flags before that, but it will happen.