Q2 REPORT: Erin O’Toole Leads In Total Donations, Leslyn Lewis In Total Donors

Meanwhile, Peter MacKay has fewer donors who are giving more money with each contribution.

Some interesting data is emerging in Conservative leadership donations for Quarter 2.

Erin O’Toole leads in total donations for the quarter, with $1.3 million raised. Peter MacKay trails narrowly with $1.28 million raised, while Leslyn Lewis is in third with $990,000 raised.

Interestingly, Lewis has the most total donors, with 9,300 people donating to her campaign. O’Toole is in second there, with 7,800 donors, while MacKay trails in third, with 6,800 donors.

At this point, it appears that Lewis is gaining the most among grassroots Conservatives, while O’Toole and MacKay have fewer donors, but those donors are giving more.

MacKay’s numbers fit with the perception that many have of the race, that he is the choice of many more well-connected, elitist-leaning members of the party, while O’Toole, and particularly Lewis are the choice of Conservatives outside the Laurentian power centre.

These are great numbers for Lewis, and could contribute to a further boost of momentum for her campaign. They are also good numbers for O’Toole, who has a strong balance of total donors and total funds raised, moving him closer to front-runner status.

And while MacKay’s total donor numbers are low, his total amount of funds raised continues to give his campaign a considerable war chest, meaning it will continue to be a tough fight for everyone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube