Canada Has Highest Unemployment Rate Among G7 Nations

Every other G7 country has less unemployment than Canada does.

Every country has been hit hard by the CCP Virus, whether due to the health impacts, the economic damage, or a combination of both.

Yet, Canada now has the dubious distinction of having the worst unemployment rate among G7 nations.

According to data from the OECD, Canada’s unemployment rate stands at 13.7%.

The G7 nation with the second highest unemployment rate is the United States, with a rate 2.6% points lower than Canada, at 11.1%.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem if Canada’s economy had been strong previously, but as many have noted, Canada had rising unemployment, rising debt, and weak growth even before the CCP Virus hit.

As a result, Canada starts from behind in our efforts to recover, and when you consider the carbon tax and the overall anti-growth, anti-business environment created by the Liberals, it will be very difficult for our country to attract investment and generate wealth for the Canadian People.

Unfortunately, the Liberal government is putting their ideology ahead of the best interests of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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If we only had a real Canadian Government. If only we still had a real Canadian like PM Harper for Canada, we would be so well off compared to the rest of the world as he truly cared for our once great country.
The lieberals and their paid propaganda keep calling this the “new normal” when this is very abnormal, and with this waited on fake budget “snapshot” coming out today.

Garlet Farlett

This country has become a cross between Atlas Shrugged and 1984….


So we are ripe for takeover by Trudeau’s China friends. Can’t wait for 1984 to become reality. Thanks, Justin you effing moron.


Do not worry Canada will attract investment because the investment will always favor the investor.Look at the housing China has invested billions of dollars into the Canadian real estate.Was the any gain for Canadians ofcourse not the house price increased so high and the rents are untouchable.Where is the gain for ordinary Canadians?