Bloc Leader Wants Trudeau To Step Aside For Freeland Amid WE Scandal

Did Trudeau forget that he lost the popular vote and only has a minority government?

For a while, Trudeau has been utilizing the political strength that comes with being in charge during a crisis.

People typically rally around the flag, offering increased support to a leader amid a national crisis.

Trudeau, and most world leaders, have seen a bump in the polls amid the CCP Virus crisis.

Yet, with the escalating WE Charity Scandal, it appears Trudeau forgot that he was previously incredibly unpopular.

Trudeau started his time as PM in 2015 with approval ratings in the mid 60% range, only to see his ratings steadily decline the more people saw of him. He fell into the 30% range by the time the election rolled around, and won a narrow victory, losing dozens of seats, losing the popular vote to the Conservatives, and barely hanging on.

Now, we are being reminded of Trudeau’s previous unpopular status, and the political consequences that status caused.

Amid the ongoing scandal, the Bloc Quebecois is demanding that Trudeau step down and let deputy PM Chrystia Freeland take over:

“Controverse WE: le chef du Bloc Québécois demande à Justin Trudeau de se retirer et de confier les commandes du gouvernement à Chrystia Freeland le temps que la lumière soit faire sur l’affaire. #polcan #tvanouvelles


WE controversy: the leader of the Bloc Québécois asks Justin Trudeau to step down and entrust government orders to Chrystia Freeland while the light shines on the affair. #polcan#tvanouvelles”

This could be a big deal.

If Trudeau loses the support of the Bloc, that leaves him with the NDP only. But after allowing Trudeau to keep Parliament shut for most of the summer, Jagmeet Singh has been increasingly aggressive in attacking Trudeau from the left, claiming Trudeau has done less on ‘police reform’ than Donald Trump.

In his arrogance, Trudeau appears to have forgotten that the Canadian People took away much of his power in the last campaign, and a strengthened Opposition could take away the rest of it by demanding he take a hike.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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