BREAKING: WE Organization Paid Justin Trudeau’s Mother & Brother Over $280,000

Given everything else we now know, how is this not total corruption?

Minutes ago, CanadaLand Tweeted an upcoming story on how Trudeau’s family members were paid by the WE Charity/WE Organization:

“BREAKING: Members of the Trudeau family were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by @WEMovement for speeches and appearances, Canadaland has learned.

Story to come.”

Then, minutes later, CBC reported on it.

“PM mother and brother have both been paid to appear at WE Charity events. Margaret Trudeau collected $250,000 in speaking fees at 28 events, while Alexandre received about $32,000 for speaking at 8. (Previous tweet that misstated number of events deleted).”

What most likely happened here is that the Trudeau Liberals panicked when they saw CanadaLand had the story, and sought to ensure that it was pushed out first by CBC – who would put a less critical, more friendly spin on it.

The timing certainly is interesting.

Now, to the substance of the story, this makes the Scandal far far worse.

Rather than just dealing with the issue of a PM giving tons of taxpayer money to an organization that had close ties to his family, we are now dealing with a PM giving tons of taxpayer money to a charity that was LITERALLY PAYING HIS FAMILY.

People are looking at this and seeing what looks like total corruption, and we need far more than just an Ethics Commissioner inquiry.

Regular Canadians, you and I, would be taken to the woodshed by the government for anything even close to this, and those in power must not be allowed to continue evading justice when they treat our tax dollars like their own personal playthings.

We will need criminal investigations into this.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Fred Leard

God help us if Trudeau and his crew get in for another term.


Where are the RCMP and CSIS investigations into all this corruption. “Donations” from the Communist Chinese, free holidays plus Government planes to the Caribbean, and more. The absolute minimum should be for he and associated Ministers to step down and stay out of any political involvement until these investigations have been completed. Anything less would infer interference, similar to the Lavalin scandal.


So now how much did Trudeau and his trust funds secretly get paid, and what other politicians were involved and got paid. Charities and Trust funds are just slush funds to move money and not pay taxes or be scrutinized, the rich peoples way of becoming richer and more powerful, sad, what should have been a good real “charitable” thing is just now mostly another way to scam the poorer peoples money and give them a small tax break in some cases for the cause of making the elite richer and they are not audited or pay taxes.

Robert Fraser

The RCMP must be called to investagate or even better an independent police agency, since the current RCMP commissioner is the sister to the federal finance Minister


Looks like “a teachable moment” for all those who vote for liberals and expect a different outcome. Oh wait, that is one definition of insanity, I stand corrected.

Glenda Cruikshank- Kirk

Wow!! Talk about another story of corruption by the Trudeaus. He has to resign now.

shawn harris

With the revelation of Trudeau now having accepted $300,000 from WE in exchange for WE getting almost a billion of taxpayers dollars, this isn’t just a simple case of bribery, but a clear cut case of corruption. Of which Trudeau is only too happy to be a part of. Some may remember the Chinese businessmen giving Trudeau $200,000 and let’s not forget Trudeau’s freebie and family on the Agha Khan’s Caribbean island. There is clear evidence that Trudeau has been a willing participant in being bought and corrupted,by money and power. Now is the time for a real criminal investigation,… Read more »

Glen Runowski

The same thing happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and running for President.. Bill Clinton started getting hundreds of thousands for one hour speeches.

Joe King

Blatant corruption.