INTERESTING: On Twitter, CanadaLand Says WE Paid Trudeau Family Members “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars” For “Speeches & Appearances”

The scandal continues to deepen.

Every day brings new revelations in the ongoing Trudeau WE Charity Scandal.

With the Trudeau government even unable to agree on whether the WE Charity decided to give up the huge contract, or whether it was a ‘mutual decision,’ we learned yesterday that Trudeau failed to recuse himself from the decision, despite the close ties the WE Charity has to his family.

And now, CANADALAND, which has done great reporting on this scandal, is dropping another bombshell:

“BREAKING: Members of the Trudeau family were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by @WEMovement for speeches and appearances, Canadaland has learned.

Story to come.”

This would make the scandal a thousand times worse.

If the WE Charity has been paying Trudeau’s family, and if Trudeau decided to give them control over nearly $1 billion of taxpayers dollars knowing his family had been getting money from them, then this scandal becomes far bigger, and far more damaging to a PM who already has a horrendous ethics reputation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube